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The Gowri has its roots & origin from Gowri Kalyana Mandapam, which was founded in early 1980’s by Late Shri.S.Nataraja Iyer under the auspicious guidance of our Kanchi Acharyas. Originally this was the home of Natarajan’s; being an ardent devotee, it was a blessing that the Acharyas would visit & stay during their camp at Chennai. During one such occasion, seeing the arrangements made Acharyas advised to convert this place into a permanent hall, which could facilitate Acharyas visit & also other auspicious functions.

Kanchi Paramacharya himself personally drew a plan on the sand & advised the design as well. Basis Acharya’s guidance, Late Shri Nataraja Iyer completed the work & sought their blessings to name the place suitably & also bless open the premises. Shri Paramacharya, spontaneously blessed with the name “Gowri”, describing that the name is embodiment of all auspiciousness & energy. It also represents goddess mother personified as Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi. He smilingly quipped, “that why song Gowri Kalyana Vaibogame is sung during all auspicious occasions”. Shri Kanchi Acharyas have visited several times thereafter.

Shri Bharathi Theertha Swamigal of Sringeri Peetam have also visited our premises & blessed. Besides several Gurus, Seers & Saints have visited our premises, blessing the local residents of West Mambalam.

Innumerable numbers of marriages and other auspicious functions, homams, upanyasams have been performed thereafter. Besides several charitable activities have been performed including annual free “Samashti Upananayan” & “Dharmika Samashti Vivaham”. Kanya & Suvashini Pooja during Navarathri is a special highlight to mention. Also several eminent scholars & writers have given lectures & discourses on Religion, Dharma & its Way of life. Late Shri Kaviarasu Kannadasan, eminent writer’s lecture on “Arthamulla Indumathan” is a notable event to mention.

In due course of time, the old building has now given way to the current new building. The spirit, cause & legacy continue to be carried forward by Natarajan’s.

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